Book Cover - Aliens and Other StoriesInspired by stories she picked up during her years as a journalist in Spain and Latin America,  Kathleen Wheaton gives readers a rare glimpse into the lives of exiles and wanderers in her award-winning collection, “Aliens and Other Stories” (2013 Washington Writers’ Publishing House).

Political refugees from Argentina’s “dirty war,” survivors of a Cuban shipwreck and of Franco’s Spain, a former Peruvian missionary and a stubborn expatriate, navigate life in Madrid, Buenos Aires, and suburban Washington, D.C.  A minor character in one story appears as the narrator in another, as different generations reconcile the absurdities of contemporary American culture with a legacy of dislocation, loss and longing.

What a pleasure it is to read Kathleen Wheaton’s collection of short stories, all of which expose with knife-like clarity the all-too-human flesh of contemporary life,” says Anne Bernays, author of “New York in the Fifties” and “The Man on the Third Floor.”

“Aliens and Other Stories” won the Washington Writers’ Publishing House 2013 prize for fiction. Kathleen’s book can be ordered on Amazon.com and Barnesandnoble.com.

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